Specification of RPC + Pub/Sub API used by META Platform components.

This specification is first draft under active development. Everything can change.


Purpose of META API is to specify unified communication protocol for META Platform components.

META API is socket-based objective RPC with support of publish/subscribe pattern.

#Root object

#Contacts collection

#Contacts record

#Record property

#Record method


Today almost all data structures are objects which has properties. META API is based on this principle and copies object structure.

Also reactivness is becoming a standard so META API supports this feature via pub/sub pattern.

  • Each path resource (directory) represents a object property (API root is root object)
  • Property is object as well
  • Property can be a callable method
  • Each object except method has schema (class) which defines its properties and behaviour
  • When no method @methodName is specified then property (object) schema is returned
  • Object schemas can implement interface which defines common method and properties (for example: collection with filtering, sorting and pagination)
  • Clients can subscribe to channels
  • Server can (and should) publish object changes to channels