Documentation generator

META Doc is modern tool for generating rich documentations using Markdown or HTML with support of various visual styles and custom templates.

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npm install meta-doc -g

Getting started

META Doc can be installed via NPM.

Initialize new project in current directory

meta-doc -i

Create new documentation

META Doc comes with project skeleton which creates all necessary directories and files for you with sample contents included.

Start local server and watch for changes

meta-doc -w -s

Start local server

META Doc has webserver built-in. Command line flag -s will start local webserver.

Also if you provide -w flag then META Doc will be watching for changes in your documentation pages and will recompile changed contents automatically.

You can then access your new documentation by opening

Auto refresh

META Doc also provides auto-refresh mechanism so when you change contents of your documentation then webpage in your browser will refresh automatically.

NOTE: This works properly only if you also provide -w flag.

Just compile


Compile once

To compile your documentation and exit you don't need to provide any flags.

For more information look at Usage or run meta-doc -h.